Advertising on Beyond Games is the key to your success. Online advertising will put your business or product on the map, so keep reading.

How Can You Advertise?

There are different ways in which you can get attention and exposure through our blog. The method depends on your goal, audience, and business.

  1. Advertise your blog – We love collaborating and we welcome guest writers. Contact us to link your posts and blog through a guest post or two and improve your traffic. We like helping out our peers. If your blog is also part of the gaming niche or another niche that gamers will relate to, drop us an email and we can talk.
  2. Choose an ad option – All websites have advertisements. These ads help us stay alive and pay our staff. It’s a win-win: you get exposure and business and we get to continue doing what we love.

Choose one of these:

Sidebar ad: This is a business card-like ad that appears on the right side of our page. You can advertise your business or a specific product or promotion. You are responsible for the design.

Banner ad: A banner ad appears at the top of a page as you open it. It attracts immediate attention. You are responsible for the design.

Send us an email to find out about costs and parameters for the design. Once we sort the admin side, your business will soon get the attention it deserves.