New Gaming Releases of 2017 That You Must Try

2017 has been a year if greats. It has been a year of all things interesting across the world and it’s no different in the gaming world. There are so many great titles that have been released so far this year that this was a difficult article to write. However, I chose a few favourites and hope you will enjoy them as much as we have.

1. Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)

All racing game fans love Gran Turismo. There may be many racing game options out there like Forza and Driveclub, but somehow we just always fall back to GT. Gran Turismo is a favourite across the board and their new release promises to be just as fancy and lifelike as always. You can look forward to gorgeous cars, beautiful tracks, and all kinds of new and neat tricks.

2. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

Yes, Mario still lives on and he has more tricks and better gadgets this time around. This is a debut for Nintendo on the Switch platform and promises to be just as exciting, if not more so, than the previous Mario releases. Mario’s hat has powers and he adventures across a big city, through robots and more. If you have always liked Mario, then you don’t want to miss this one.

3. Assassin’s Creed Origins (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

This is one of the games that we are eagerly awaiting. It is to be released at the end of October this year and we cannot wait. Assassin’s Creed may have got a bit tired with its last release, but the Origins game promises to make us forget all about that. The developers have done away with the old and boring like sync towers and have created excellent RPG to master.

This is our chosen top 3 for 2017. We would love to hear your input. If you have these games and tried them, let us know how they play and whether it is worth it.