NBA 2K18: amazing realism

Game feature pic

The new NBA game hit the shelves in September 2018. Millions of devoted fans ran straight for the store or ordered their copies online. 2K Sports promised a lot of innovations in the game which fired up the atmosphere before the grand opening. What amazed us the most, after playing the game for the first time, is the astonishing level of realism in the game. It almost feels that there is so much detail in the game which is so difficult to process and to notice. We will tell you all about our impressions, keep reading to see what we think about the new NBA game.

Game speed

This is probably the first most gamers will notice once they fire up the game for the first time. The speed of the game is much better compared to 2K17, much more balanced and realistic. The action moves are quicker than in the last years version and we can say nothing except that the developers did a great job.

The whole game experience is at a perfect pace. It feels smooth and stable. The overall symmetry in the gameplay is almost like watching an actual NBA game, something you would expect after watching pro-level athletes at work. Every player in the game feels to be quicker, but without breaking the threshold of realism.


Physical contact

Maybe the best aspect of the game are the animations which illustrate the level of contact between the players. The developers tried to show us the intensity of basketball on NBA courts and they increased the number of variable which affect player movement after or before collisions. To exemplify, when you grab a rebound with Lebron, you can accept at least one player controlled by the CPU to pressure and try to steal the ball. Of course, this will usually mean a fair amount of contact with the other player, but James would simply glide passed him with an elegant evasive maneouver, not caring to slow down.

On another instance, if the level of agression by the defensive player was greater, a foul would be called. On the rarest occasion, the defense would manage to force an offensive (charging) foul. The detail of the whole imagination is unprecedented. Besides this, you will be able to see the contact animation in all its glory while struggling for a rebound in the paint, when the centers and power forwards battle to grab the ball. Developers state that there are more than 700 animations only for post defending. Many rebounds will be deflected and the ball will be harder to get due to pokes and jabs from many hands under the rim.

Organizing the game

Calling the plays like a coach on the bench. You will feel like Gregg Popovich when setting up the Spurs offense. Offensive and defensive schemes are plentyful, so much that it will be difficult to remember them. Zone pressure, high post-ups, low ball game… Take your pick. The system of playcalling and the game as a whole advanced greatly compared to 2K17.